Important Facts about Car Rallies

My Experience as a Car Rally Driver

In my previous articles, I have been discussing car rally races and how one should prepare in order to benefit from them. Unknown to most of my readers is that I am actually a reputed car racing driver with over ten years experience.

Here are some of the main lessons that I have learnt over the years.


This is one of the primary attributes that you need to keep in mind at all times. You need to put in place measures of ensuring that you car is safe and in line with the set rules and regulations. In most of the races that I have been taking part in, the management team had to check all cart before the race to ensure that they confirm with the regulations.

Bad Terrain

Most of the races especially those that are held in Africa, are scheduled for months that have bad weather conditions. The main reason for doing this is to put maximum pressure on the drivers and hone their skills. So, you need to find a trail that has the same conditions or in the same state if you want to become a professional like me.

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Finally, you must keep in mind the rules and regulations. Just like any other sporting activity, there are regulations that one has adhere to at all times in car racing. Failure to follow the rules will lead to termination of contracts with sponsor and the car racing management team. If you intend to spend time repairing your HVAC system or serving customers if you have a company offering these services, make sure that the organizers know you will not be available before hand.

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